Posted by: HAT | January 15, 2015

Narrative Construction

image of a painting of an old woman reading the Bible from 1904

“Formation” as another word for narrative construction

Hi, Gang!

Thinking this morning about how we – people – are created as people by the stories we tell, and that are told about us, and that we participate in telling about our world(s). Yes, I accept that narrative construction theory to a very large degree; it seems to me, thinking for a moment like a former research professional, that it has good explanatory power, and decent predictive power as well. We train ourselves to see the things we label, specifically as the things we label them as, with the various implications of that “as-ness,” for want of a better word. (Apples as spheres – when, when was the last time you saw a spherical apple; children as blessings from God, or little balls of chaos, or desperately desired and deeply loved affirmations of our womanly nature, or whatever; myself as the hero of my own personal narrative or the victim of my dysfunctional family or a good singer or a person with few real accomplishments or or or …)

Change the story, change the person.

I think it matters what stories we tell. What stories we tell to other people, about themselves and about us; what stories we tell about ourselves; what stories we tell about our world.

Not exactly saying that any story whatsoever can make itself true if enough people tell it long enough and eloquently enough. But something fairly close to that.


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