Posted by: HAT | January 13, 2015

Brief Observation on Fear

photo showing mural of man in suit and hat afraid of colors

Seriously, what’s to be afraid of?

Hi, Gang!

Had this thought this morning, a little randomly: everyone, even the most fearless, fears something. Because everyone does some of the things they do to avoid the [feared] consequences of not having done them. Or doesn’t do some of the things they don’t do to avoid the consequences of having done them.

So then the question becomes: who or what is it that a person fears in this way? Who or what am I afraid of, are you afraid of, are we afraid of, are they afraid of? Like, “Making Mom angry”? “Getting a bad grade in high school calculus and then not getting into Yale and then not getting a ‘good’ job and then living as a mediocrity for the rest of my life”? “Death”? “Being under someone else’s control instead of my own”? Being out of control? Or not being in control? Uncertainty? Other people? (a big one for me) The police? (maybe not a crazy one) Global climate change and environmental degradation and ultimate planetary catastrophe with its resultant chaos and dystopic social anomie? (another one of mine)

Because my guess is that who or what one fears, ultimately, makes at least as much difference in one’s life – activity, mental state, etc. – as who or what one loves.


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