Posted by: HAT | January 6, 2015

Modest Event Planning

artificial dark red cherry blossom spray, mistletoe branch, flocked branch, aqua teal medicine bottle

We and others like all this – but the florist, not so much, as there are no actual flowers that are this color blue

Hi, Gang!

Not revising my evaluation of event planning on the pain scale yet. But I have come up with new language to describe what we’re going for: “modest.” I am working on managing expectations.

We are having it at church – which has a no-alcohol policy, so people should not be expecting to get relaxed in that way.

We are having a DJ, and I have learned this probably means we will need to get a dance floor if anyone is a serious or even semi-serious dancer (and we have relatives like that, and our daughter is busily suggesting songs for slow dances etc., so …)

I had to taste cake yesterday. OK, I might have been able to skip the tasting of cake, but I didn’t want to admit to the cake lady that I turn into Mr. Hyde when I eat sugar, so I went ahead and did it, and then went home and ate pizza. Such a bad idea. Anyway, it will be a nice cake, but nothing spectacular. “Modest.”

I am going to take time out from making a syllabus and finishing up session minutes and worrying that I haven’t started working on an annual report for the congregation and thinking that I need to take down the tree that is really starting to look droopy and like a fire hazard to visit the table-cloth-and-chair people (and back to the dance floor issue). We are not trying to recreate Paris in Corydon, or make a “Winter Wonderland” or be “Frozen” (which “everyone is doing” – so we are even kind of cliché already with our colors – how did that happen??). “Modest,” without being aggressively ugly in a church fellowship hall kind of way. Of course, we will not be matching anything actually in the church fellowship hall with these colors. Don’t know what we were thinking there.

We are not “doing flowers” in the traditional way. A bouquet? Seriously? We have been “in a relationship” since before that boy who invented Facebook even existed. A couple of arrangements for the front of the church. “Modest.” (But even so – there are no flowers that are these colors. So … I had to have a long conversation with the florist, and we had to think of things … eucalyptus; berries; white spider mums. Don’t know what we were thinking there, either.)

It will be fine, in the end. I will set aside my fear and loathing of parties, and we will all have a good time, and just be happy that the world is changing. “Modest.”


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