Posted by: HAT | December 8, 2014

Part of the Commodification of Everything

Salome receives the head of John the Baptist, in Baroque style

Just imagine it on your Christmas tree

Hi, Gang!

Yesterday, at church, listened to a sermon on Mark 1:1-8, and our preacher, commenting on the Christmas machine and the way Christmas has been taken over by commercialism and how it has pretty much squeezed Advent and spiritual preparation out of the picture, said “Have you ever seen a John the Baptist Christmas tree ornament? Ever seen John the Baptist in a nativity scene? Ever sent a John the Baptist Christmas card?”

I thought this was hilarious. But of course, I had forgotten that you can buy anything online.

an Advent card featuring John the Baptist and a caption about a brood of vipers

Available from etsy; message inside: “May your Advent be broody and penitent.”


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