Posted by: HAT | December 7, 2014

Second Sunday in Advent

Photograph of two cats looking at the light of an advent candle

Better to light an advent candle than to curse the darkness

Hi, Gang!

Still on the agenda, along with so many other things this Advent, is a real re-reading of Jürgen Moltmann’s Theology of Hope. As I have begun to look at it, I have realized that the sophomoric self who read it -ahem- years ago completely missed the at-least-implicit critique of Heidegger’s philosophy of immanence and the at-least-implicit affirmation of Adorno’s insistence on the need to be able to find ways to relate intellectually and practically to “things that are not.” It’s there, embedded in Moltmann’s rejection of the “God of Parmenides” and his insistence that “When we have a God who calls into being the things that are not, then the things that are not yet, that are future, also become ‘thinkable’ because they can be hoped for.” [1]

Take that, “unspeakable world that is.”

[1] Jürgen Moltmann, Theology of Hope trans. James W. Leitch (New York: Harper and Row, 1967) 30.


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