Posted by: HAT | November 18, 2014

“Now is the winter of …”

image of oak and black gum trees after snow fall

Whose woods these are I actually do know … unless you want to get metaphysical about it

Hi, Gang!

Winter is upon us.

Yesterday was the first snow day of the school year. It’s an early start to the snow season.

Number One Daughter and I ended up in a definitional debate about this yesterday. She took the position that it wasn’t winter yet, because officially winter begins December 21. I argued that, from the looks of things, it was already winter – substantively and experientially, if not technically. We agreed to disagree.

Talking the winter weather phenomenon over with my neighbors recently revealed that winter is a minority enthusiasm. People made these suggestions for utopian (in the “in your dreams” sense) winter:

  • Snow limited to two days a year – for the sake of the beauty of the woods covered in snow;
  • And those two days to be December 24 & 25;
  • Alternatively, no limit to snow frequency, but snow only to fall on woods, yards, etc., not on the streets;
  • Whatever, just not cold.

All of which makes it sound like utopia – in that sense – will have to be situated somewhere other than southern Indiana.


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