Posted by: HAT | November 11, 2014

Looking for a Source

grainy image of Horkheimer, Adorno, and Habermas

What would it mean to live as we should live in a liberated world, anyway?

Hi, Gang!

I am reading Dorothee Soelle’s The Silent Cry, which is exceptional, on the treadmill – literally – and have finally arrived at chapter 11, “As if we lived in a liberated world.” The chapter is introduced with a quote from Theodor W. Adorno, but no citation:

As far as possible, we ought to live as we believe we should live in a liberated world, in the form of our own existence, with all the unavoidable contradictions and conflicts that result from this … Such endeavor is by necessity condemned to fail and to meet opposition, yet there is no option but to work through this opposition to the bitter end. The most important form that this will take today is resistance.”

Where does Adorno say this? It sounded like it could be Minima Moralia, but I did not find it right off; I checked Google, including books, and again came up with nothing but people who are quoting Soelle quoting Adorno. Given that, I suspect an artifact of translation is at work. Adorno is not listed in the bibliography. I would love to have an actual citation.


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