Posted by: HAT | November 9, 2014

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

image of a painting of buffoons playing a game of cochonnet

St. Mathurin, feast day November 9, is the patron saint of “buffoons and others whose business it is to amuse the public.” (Omei Englebeit, Lives of the Saints)

Hi, Gang!

Here is a story from Tales of the Hasidim:

One day, another rabbi went to the marketplace, as was his custom, and met Elijah. He asked the prophet whether there were any children of the world to come in the square right now. The prophet pointed to two brothers who were just passing by. When the rabbi asked what they were doing, they told him, ‘We are jesters. When someone is sad, we try to cheer him up and when we see people quarrelling, we try to make peace between them.'” [1]

[1] Martin Buber, Tales of the Hasidim: Early Masters (New York: Schocken, 1947), quoted in Dorothee Soelle, The Silent Cry (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2001) 206 Nook ed.


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