Posted by: HAT | October 30, 2014

I Still Love the Big Map

An image of the mosaic map on the floor of the Byzantine church of St. George in Madaba

A big meta-narrative kind of map

Hi, Gang!

Great day yesterday at a workshop organized by the Center for Congregations on The Art of Biblical Storying, led by Michael Novelli.

Wonderful demo of the method: we listened to the creation story in Genesis 1 & 2, reflected, shared, experienced (I thought “seeds … and the spirit of God a seed in humanity …” – never noticed that before!) Lots of ideas. Cool theory. Met new people, and people who know people I know (not exactly a coincidence, at a southern Indiana church thing, but it’s always kind of fun). Got to think like a grown up. Shared John Dewey love. Drove home HAPPY.

Woke up thinking:
The Bible has a meta-narrative. A meta-narrative is like a map. It’s a sketch of the context, of the whole that holds the part. That kind of map is a device for gaining perspective: one that allows you to see how “you are here” could be on the way to somewhere else, which direction to face to start getting there, roughly how far you have to go, etc. The Bible is one of those maps …

The Bible is one of those maps that includes utopia.


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