Posted by: HAT | March 30, 2011

About the Fasting Thing

Hi, Gang!

I got the dates wrong on the 30 day fast (with prayer and action) that Sojourners Magazine is encouraging as something people can do to influence the Federal budget process and its “slay the poor” trajectory, so I have gotten a late start. But I am up to date now, and am glad to see that people with more readers are also participating.

I don’t really “get” fasting. I am also not sure that the Congressmen and Senators who need to be influenced here will really care that affluent Americans are voluntarily going without food in hopes that far less affluent ones will not have to go without so much of it involuntarily. As adolescent boys are wont to say, when you tell them not to drink out of the milk carton because it puts people off the milk, “Well, then, more for me.”

I do, however, get mobilizing people for action. So it seems to me the letters and other communications with the relevant legislators are the critical thing, here. The fasting and praying is a way of raising energy for that. I am considering sending letters to Todd Young at about the rate Shawshank wrote the prison commission for money for the library. That seems like a good example.

I also get the idea of making clear that there is not just one flavor of Christian, the flavor that thinks the Bible is God’s dictation, but has 15 minutes of blank space where Exodus 22:25-27 and Amos 8:4-6 and all the other texts that talk about justice for the poor were, and rather like it.


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