Posted by: HAT | October 27, 2010


Screen shot of video So you want to get a PhD in Humanities

In case of naïveté, break glass

Hi, Gang!

Calvin believed that God’s secret plan governs down to the minutest details, in all cases bringing about the good of the elect. In Calvin’s world, there are no coincidences.

I would be interested to learn what he would say this too-good-to-be-a-coincidental detail means: the sardonically brilliant screenwriter Allisonles posted the video “So You Want to Get a PhD in the Humanities” on the day I defended my (“I will write smart things about suffering and hope in literature”) dissertation . . . in the Humanities.

Since his having anything to say about it at all would mean he could negotiate impossible leaps across time and could acquire instantaneous cultural fluency and competence, suggesting that he might cite a work written long after his own death would not be completely far-fetched. So why not imagine he would cite Thomas C. Foster, in How to Read Literature Like a Professor: when it comes to what something means, “irony trumps everything.”


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