Posted by: HAT | August 28, 2010

Random Notes

Hi, Gang,

Found these notes aimlessly taking up space in a folder that is now being used for something altogether different. Like a pack rat, can’t bear to “just throw them away like that.”

“It [the ego] develops a paranoiac relation to what it knows, for what it knows is bound up with the order of images, the domain of the ego, and not the Real.” (p. 47)

For this reason, autobiography is not possible.

The ego systematically misrecognizes reality. vs. Cartesian certainty, ego’s certainty is a function of investment in maintaining particular images which please it. (p. 48)

Source: Elizabeth Grosz, Jacques Lacan: A Feminist Introduction (London: Routledge, 1990)



  1. I rarely (never) throw anything away either… I’m not sure what Lacan would think of that…!


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