Posted by: HAT | August 17, 2010

Time to Walk

Hi, Gang of Five!

Now that it’s mid-August, it’s time for me to start thinking about the Louisville AIDS Walk, September 26, and setting up the Team Donation Page for the Women’s Center at LPTS. Every year, I forget what the pages are going to look like, end up donating for myself, and then feeling bad that the Center Team has one participant listed and no general donations. That situation won’t, or shouldn’t, last long. Nevertheless, because we’re among the early birds this year, I had the to-be-short-lived thrill of seeing my name listed on the main Louisville AIDS Walk page as one of the top fundraisers. [*laughing*]

Anyway, I encourage any of you 5 who have some discretionary funds to click on the link, go to my donation page, or the Women’s Center Team page, and support the Louisville AIDS Walk and The Women’s Center at LPTS. The money goes to direct services agencies that support people with HIV-AIDS and family members in the Louisville metro area.

Sponsor me!!


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