Posted by: HAT | June 10, 2010

Getting Physical

IT could happen

Gave copies of the main text of IT — minus table of contents, the other front matter, the bibliography, and the good pages of the last chapter (i.e., the ones still in dreaming innocence) — to the members of my committee. Well, actually to various mail boxes and student assistants, since it is summer and I didn’t get everything printed out and driven to campus until yesterday afternoon.

Regardless of its quality (beastly), it was satisfying to see it all printed out that way, taking up physical space. It seemed almost . . . real.

Drank a Mai Tai, watched a movie*, and pretended I deserved a break.

It didn’t last long, but it was a good feeling.

*Inkheart. I liked it. It was “a little scary” on the Number One Daughter Scariness Meter, which runs from the low of not scary at all up to the “scary” of Harry Potter to the all-time high-scoring Spirited Away (Synopsis: Parents transform into animals for no apparent reason, leaving suddenly orphaned daughter to slave in a hotel for monsters until she can buy their freedom.)


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