Posted by: HAT | June 4, 2010

Making Me Cry

'Expulsion from the Garden of Eden' by Masaccio

Experiencing the resistance of the material

My dissertation is making me cry.

Once, I wanted it to be brilliant. Then, I wanted it to be good. Then, I wanted it to be finished more or less on schedule. Now, I just want it to be finished.

If I had picked a topic I was adequate to, instead of one I loved, this would not be happening. As it is, failure is the only option, the only possibility that remains is what kind.

I LOVE my topic.

I HATE my dissertation.

Making me cry. But have to keep working on the revisions that don’t make it any better anyway.



  1. Okay listen, ‘cuz this is what you’re gonna do.

    First? Breathe.

    Second, remember why you love the topic.

    Third, prepare.

    Fourth, work.

    You will prevail. Why? Because you love this stuff. It conquers all, you know.

    I’m sending only positivity your way. Soak it in, love the work, love your brain, get to work.

    -Yours very truly, a complete stranger.

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