Posted by: HAT | January 23, 2010

Facing Facts

A little bit about me. I’m one of those people who strikes other people as someone who doesn’t need any help. Who is doing fine all on their own. Which is to say, in triage, I would be in the third of everyone who receives no attention whatsoever because no one thinks there are grounds for concern. To be fair, I strive to support this impression. Having a pathological aversion to asking for help, and having cultivated repressive defenses against any awareness of the need or desire for help, contributes.

It’s dystopian, and doesn’t conduce to actually finishing one’s dissertation.

So I have learned something after all, it seems. My take-away, as we used to say in advertising: It is probably wise to ask for assistance and advice as a matter of principle. It is probably wise to offer assistance, and to check for FAQ-type issues, even with people who seem to have their act totally together. As the Teacher said, “what is lacking cannot be counted” — you don’t know what you don’t know.


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