Posted by: HAT | January 13, 2010

Time and Place


For Adorno, time is the place — where utopic practice, if there ever might be any, would take place.

For Agamben, following Benjamin, every space is potentially a place of messianic now-time. The question is what practice releases that time. Place is the time for utopic praxis.

Which place? Maybe one between-two that still needs to be built and cultivated, as pointed to (rather than identified, perhaps) by Irigaray.

That cultivation still seems to require the metaphysical, or perhaps poietic, practice that “would be possible only as a legible constellation of things in being” from which “it would get the material without which it would not be” and would bring those elements “into a configuration in which the elements unite to form a script.”*

Performance art. Liturgy.

*Adorno, Negative Dialectics, Ashton trans., 407.



  1. Your blog is very interesting. I’m enjoying reading through it. I would like to read more of Irigaray and her writings on language which I’ve heard are difficult. Would you say that the book which have influenced you most intellectually has been Adorno’s Negative Dialectics?

    • Thanks very much. It has been difficult, only because the project that motivated it turned out to be much more difficult than I had anticipated. Negative Dialectics is the one that is falling apart the worst, so by that criterion maybe, but I feel uncomfortable saying that, because I am still not sure I really understand it. Also, I have read all these books pretty late in life, when my intellect was already thoroughly influenced by the Bible and The German Ideology, so everything else is a smaller rock.

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