Posted by: HAT | January 1, 2010


Rubens "Winter, the Interior of a Barn"

representation of a familiar topos

Deductive logic needs closure to function at its best. Solid deduction requires limited and mutually exclusive possibilities, closed contexts, well-defined alternatives. A sudoku grid represents the paradise of deductive logic. Deductive logic aims for situations where it’s possible to say “then it must be that . . .”

Sudoku is probably not diabolical, but harboring a desire for the world to share the characteristics of a sudoku grid might be.

Surprise, openness, changing the perceived rules in the middle of the alleged game, which arguably characterize the actual world, perhaps depending on how one looks at it, also befuddle deductive systems.

What Christians celebrate at Christmas might be an example of this kind of spanner in the works of a closed context of knowledge.


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