Posted by: HAT | December 29, 2009

Transformation Again

Harmonic numbers graphic

A representation of harmony

A [negative] dialectical relationship of subject and object entails that the subject of utopia does not, and really cannot ever, exist.

This also entails that utopia itself, as object, does not, and really cannot ever, exist.

Hopefully, not too much needs to be said here about what it means to “exist.” Hopefully, it can be understood in a simple and straightforward way. Sort of the way my cat, as I suppose, deals existentially with the existence of Hills Science Diet and the effectively metaphysical status of birds.

On the other hand, as transformative discourse, utopian discourse may move the subject, or perhaps subjects, of a dystopian world in a utopian direction. Utopian discourse isn’t a discourse of enlightenment, but in the sense that “the effort to lend a voice to suffering is a condition of all truth” it constitutes discourse around truth.

In this context, it would be comforting if it could make sense to think about the transformation of the world in the direction (or, perhaps more accurately, in a direction) of overcoming suffering as something that could be asymptotic.


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