Posted by: HAT | December 26, 2009

Back to Work

OK, day after Christmas, time to clean up, take the kids to the movies, and get back to work. Just read someone’s blog post about how marvelous it is to live in God’s divinely created chaotic world, who doesn’t want to be spared risks and so on, which are put here by God’s secret plan (hey, I speak Calvin, too) to teach us. Utopians (like Obama!) are trying to deprive us of God’s blessings, in the form of terrestrial chaos. I suppose the humanly-created chaos (rape, murder, heroin addiction, whatever) figures into it somewhere as well, and presumably we ought to count that among the blessings we should not seek to be free of, either, them being heaven-sent.

If something that stupid can make it into print, even on the internet, I really should be able to finish my stupid dissertation.


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