Posted by: HAT | December 10, 2009

Up from the Basement

Proof of age

I am old, and I have changed my major several times.

This makes possible, as well as somewhat painful, the act of dragging two armfuls of sociology texts upstairs to substantiate the contention in the next section of ch. 2 that the universe of critical perception and revolutionary action is closing, if it is not already completely closed. [I read it in a book.] Of course nothing is in order, because we have moved those books so many times, by now sociology is all interspersed with travel and Buddhism and books of jokes about dogs and parenting and the big book of bicycle repair, as if we will ever need that again. [And yet, Mannheim has left the building. Another small piece of evidence that reason may be an illusion.] The whole place is a tell. That has been faulted and folded.

In the course of this particular archaeology, this thesis popped up: Agamben’s work practices a mediation and critical appropriation and synthesis of Heideggerian phenomenology and Benjaminian — i.e., one could say, Frankfurt School — critical theory.

I just couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed that before.


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