Posted by: HAT | November 16, 2009

Relations of Production

corporate photo from Newell Rubbermaid

Newell Rubbermaid's corporate self-image

Continuing to think about Deer Hunting with Jesus.

One point the text makes, at least implicitly, is that there is a limit to how far the cultural studies and cultural apparatuses approaches can get on their own. Relations of production matter. They are involved in the determination of the specific content of culture, however much other factors also come into play. Whoever ignores them does so at the peril of terminal irrelevance. Whoever would be rolling up their sleeves and wading into the mess that is our form of life with the thought in mind of lending a hand to the cleaning up best be respecting them.

That’s no solution, but it does seem to be something to keep in mind in thinking about what the territory to be traveled on the way to one will surely look like.


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