Posted by: HAT | October 27, 2009

Occupations continue

Uni Besetzt

The revolution may be televised after all, but reception varies

Thought I’d seen something about activities planned at Berkeley for this (past) weekend, related to the ongoing and developing occupations of university spaces. May have been misinformed, in any event, have not been able to track down any news of something like that to date.

Did, however, find this helpful discussion of the logic of the occupations at Anarchist news dot org.

Unsereuni reports on the ongoing situation at the University of Vienna, with more links, including one to facebook discussion, at CNN ireport; Der continues to cover this event as well.

Here’s related word from Italy

Not like I didn’t know that mainstream media was selective in its coverage of “what’s happening,” or as if I thought I was actually well-informed personally, but the fact that this is a widespread and growing phenomenon and it is less than a blip on the giant news sources is more than dismaying. Here’s something going on that’s genuinely hopeful; it deserves wider awareness.


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