Posted by: HAT | October 22, 2009

Something to Read

Reading and thinking

Reading and thinking

Liked this essay by Unemployed Negativity. No surprise, since it resonates with various concerns voiced by Adorno, Irigaray, and Agamben, all three: the closure of the imaginative space available for envisioning alternatives to extant reality, the problem of equating utopia with a return to “nature” as it has historically been understood or symbolized in the western humanistic tradition, and the problem of the fundamental concept of politics descended from Aristotle that is based on the definition of man [anthropos?] as speaking animal and the distinction between the bios politikos and the zoē associated with the oikos that structures the “state of exception” that constitutes the modern sovereign state. All that, and takes utopia seriously, so I thought it was worth reading, even though it put me a bit behind on my daily pragraph quota. Thanks to Box 3 Spool 5 for the referral.


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