Posted by: HAT | October 1, 2009

Wrote a poem

Have been considering Giorgio Agamben’s assertion that “No definition of verse is perfectly satisfying unless it asserts an identity for poetry against prose through the possibility of enjambement. (In Idea of Prose, 39) He is no doubt correct. Where it goes is still a mystery.

Thinking about poetry, and in this particular way, has had the effect of making me try to write it, which strikes me as dangerous. Especially as the effort demands time, which under the circumstances is supposed to be dedicated to productive (praxological) pursuits.

Nevertheless, here it is:

soft gray sweatshirt
plenty warm for
not real cold days yet
chilly only
October and
comfy flip flops
will still go for
a bit chilly
mornings only
October days
still get plenty warm

get the next check
three paycheck month
hard soled shoes
heavy jacket

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