Posted by: HAT | August 25, 2009

How It’s Going

A diagram of the molecular process of evaporation<br>It looks like how yesterday felt

A diagram of the molecular process of evaporation
It looks like how yesterday felt

For the sake of the tiny coterie of faithful readers of this tiny speck in the blogosphere, thought I would just note that I have been actually working on the title project, except for yesterday which simply evaporated in a haze of “must buy bread and milk” and “I thought my health insurance was good through the end of August!!???” (but I was mistaken, which took some time to remedy) and “new online registration for the 2009-10 swim season” and “sheesh I was supposed to pick the dogs up from the vet at noon and here it is practically 2” and then “see how wonderful this online gaming site see cell phone see chat see no one else can spell the word ‘when’ either” [and my efforts to remain reasonable and persuasive in the face of the new threatening world and my baby in it] and then Intermediate School “welcome to our open house” and the ENTIRE GYM of assembled parents w/ progeny breaking out into spontaneous applause at the announcement that “we have gone back to the old A-B-C grading system” [except me because it is not that clear to me that ABC’s are as informative as all that, just more familiar] and then “OMG volcano nachos from Taco Bell really really are hot” (even for me) and then at last my life finally gave me permission to go to sleep.

So nothing got written yesterday, let alone the next 10-15 brilliant pages on Language and Death and its relationship to Irigaray’s analysis of the sensible transcendental and the need for an at least dual subjectivity for a horizon that does not close in on itself in death. And how Agamben’s “form-of-life” might function as a pro-utopian formulation. Although how it can articulate with a repristinization (yet achieved?) of political theory and what sort of collective political life that repristinization could have in view remains unclear to me. So far, at least. I have very little hope of it’s every becoming clear to me. But not yet none.

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