Posted by: HAT | June 24, 2009

Minor Literature

My office is almost clean. The problem with this is distraction.

There is nothing that is major or revolutionary except the minor. To hate all languages of masters. . . .
To make use of the polylingualism of one’s own language to make a minor or intensive use of it, to oppose the oppressed quality of this language to its oppressive quality, to find points of nonculture or underdevelopment, linguistic Third World zones by which a language can escape, an animal enters into things, an assemblage comes into play. How many styles or genres or literary movements, even very small ones, have only one single dream: to assume a major function in language, to offer themselves as a sort of state language, an official language (for example, psychoanalysis today, which would like to be a master of the signifier, or metaphor, of wordplay). Create the opposite dream: know how to create a becoming-minor. (Is there a hope for philosophy, which for a long time has been an official, referential genre? Let us profit from this moment in which antiphilosophy is trying to be a language of power.)


Maybe not just a distraction.

1“What is a Minor Literature?”, Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari, in David H. Richter, Falling Into Theory: Conflicting Views on Reading Literature, 2nd ed. (Boston/New York: Bedford-St. Martin’s, 2000) 167-174, p. 173.


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