Posted by: HAT | April 23, 2009

Utopian Wish List

Swimming goes with Utopia

Swimming goes with Utopia

If I get my way, there will be swimming in utopia.

There will not be severe arthritis. Hell, maybe NO arthritis. (Let’s go crazy.)

Just swimming.

Then, after swimming, it will not be necessary to race home and do laundry. Unless, of course, you really wanted to do laundry, then I suppose it would be OK.

Moreover, the Utopians’ daughters will not spill things like chocolate ice cream, tomato sauce, grape juice and strange paint-like substances on their white t-shirts so they will always have at least one white shirt hanging in their closet that they could, if necessary, wear someplace nice. Even if they forget to spray and wash. Which could, I suspect, still happen, even there.

But it wouldn’t matter, they would still be happy because of the no arthritis and the swimming.


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