Posted by: Ha_Qohelet | April 6, 2009

Freeze Watch

Our little peach tree has darker red blossoms

Our little peach tree has darker red blossoms

We are facing a freeze watch tonight and tomorrow night. Our little peach tree, which we planted when Maggie, our dog of 14 years, died last summer, has already bloomed. We are hoping that covering it with a pink thermal blanket will keep it warm enough to still set fruit.

Not utopian at all.

Language language language. I keep coming back to the question of “why utopian discourse?” and answering myself “because the issue of language matters, especially when it comes to utopia.” Because if we take the notion of discourse as a practice that is creative, disciplinary, and productive (in light of Foucault), then utopian discourse itself participates in creating the notions of utopia, the practices that might lead towards it (or away from it), the categories through which we perceive it and imagine it. So considering the content and structure of that discourse seems like it could get us some way towards understanding at least what we might be thinking about when we are thinking about utopia.

And then, if we take the notion that language itself incorporates some element of “legislation” (as if we were Lacanian, say), so that it can only express or encode symbolically desires that have passed a certain legislative filter, then the question of whether there might . . . whether some desire or desires might arise that can’t find expression, but that still might operate, might have an impact, might influence images or ideas or imaginations . . . [if I am getting at all close to understanding what Irigaray is trying to say, then I think this is part of it]. We need discourse, that goes beyond the discursive possibilities of the sterile or coercive or inadequate discourse, even about utopia, that is possible within a kind of strait-jacketed society that does not permit itself, or that is not permitted, to explore the full range of utopian possibilities.

Bringing us to the “truth beyond language” and the possibility of arriving at that truth by some route. Possible?

Sounds utopian to me.


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