Posted by: HAT | March 3, 2009

Something on Suffering

BTW, sent a draft (sadly, not such a good one yet) of Chapter 3 to my principal advisor last week. Hooray!

This morning wrote up something, preliminary thoughts, I think related to Chapter 6 (conclusions), no doubt inspired by working my way through Irigaray’s Speculum of the Other Woman and recent thinking about inaccessibility of desire, articulation of desire . . . at least in the absence of appropriate symbolic regimes. Reminiscent of Brave New World — the problem of the absence of freedom in that situation exacerbated by the (alleged, anyway — in the end more apparent than real, arguably) contentment of the populace, the inaccessibility of the sense of the absence of the freedom.

Possibly, suffering of a particular kind intrinsically related in a particular way to the accomplishment of any utopia or its various preliminaries.

Not so sure I like this result. Maybe I’m mistaken. (But I don’t really think so.)

[My Fragment on Truth and Theology, 03-04-09, caution, 1st draft/very rough]


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