Posted by: Ha_Qohelet | April 16, 2008

Time to Mow the Lawn

In Utopia, perhaps, while there will be lots of grass and nature, I will not need to do any mowing of it. At least, that’s what I’m thinking this morning. As I realize that my initial plan — to complete at least 10 pages of chapter 1, which is about 2 months overdue, will not be executable, because the lawn needs to be mowed before we leave for Dayton on Saturday morning, and will not be able to be mowed a) this afternoon, because of homework-swim lesson-swim team registration or b) Thursday morning, because of Grawemeyer lecturer Margaret Farley preaching in chapel, which is already consolation prize due to homework-swim lesson-swim team registration-induced missing of the main lecture on Wednesday night or c) Friday any time due to impending thunder storms. **#@$*!!* if you catch my drift. So it is off to the gas station and the lawn.

And it is not even a very nice lawn. It is more weeds than lawn. Probably because I do not love it enough.


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