Posted by: Ha_Qohelet | January 7, 2008

A New Year

My daughter has gone back to school, I have been making good on my resolution to swim at the Y every morning (well, except for the weekend — but I had good reasons), and I’ve been reading an important book (Tina Chanter, Ethics of Eros), and got up early this morning and tried to make sense out of her chapter on Levinas. 

I think the notion of radical alterity, the unimaginability of the other and this unimaginability as counting in its favor (along the lines of Descartes’ 3rd Meditation and his proof of the existence of God) . . . this seems very likely to be relevant.  Not just in its impact on Irigaray, but in its echoes in Adorno (as usual, the last sections of the intro to Negative Dialectics, and the Meditation on Metaphysics, but also in his remarks on the ontological proof of the existence of God in the conversation with Bloch published in Bloch, The Utopian Function of Art), and also for its general relevance to the issue of the representation of utopian expectation.

I’m making a little progress.  Yay.


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