Posted by: HAT | December 8, 2007

Good News about Progress!!

I don’t work on my dissertation project enough, as is clear from the fact that I haven’t posted anything to this blog for a long time.  However, now that the Transgender Day of Remembrance is past (November 20), along with the various projects at work in which we were involved as a consequence, and now that the Fall Arts and Crafts Sale at the Women’s Center has successfully come to a close (hurray!!  I am looking forward to finding out exactly how much money we raised, as I wasn’t able to stay to close & cash out last night), there is going to be a breather.  Thanks to my FABULOUS colleagues, I did not have to do any setting up for the sale, after having worked on pricing donated arts and crafts most of the day Wednesday, and I actually had a WHOLE DAY (well, until Z. had to be a car rider home because her project was too big to fit into a shoe box — the standard for being able to transport it home on the bus) to work on my proposal, which is now FINISHED (well, until my advisor tells me what’s wrong with it, and until I really stop to notice that there are still some footnotes that remain to have their real info filled in), but almost.

Of course, it is not (in my opinion) what I would call really good.  (If you want to decide for yourself, you can look at this.)  But that’s another story.  I actually had a night off last night!!  I didn’t have a looming project at the Women’s Center, I had actually delivered some text to my advisor, and I didn’t even have to prepare a Sunday School lesson, because my students are going to be practicing for Christmas pageant on Sunday.  !!!  So I actually got to go to a party (previously scheduled, and we had a babysitter) and relax

So, as Adorno says, there is a material base for the experience and expectation of utopia.    La-voilà.


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